Meet the Team


The story…the vision


Brand founder Melanie Corlis discovered spray tanning in 2000 when she was recovering from skin cancer. She wanted to give women the confidence of being bronzed, without the risks of sun exposure. Bronzalicious was born, and with it our custom spray tanning system, Spraytoniqs. 

The Bronzalicious philosophy is really simple, we focus on spray tans, essential beauty and skin treatments, and we pride ourselves on being the BEST at all of them. You see it’s more than just being brown, a great spray tan and healthy skin creates body confidence, and when we’re body confident, we get an extra little spring in our step! 

Whilst we have forged a cult following over the past 18 years for our prescriptive tanning treatments, we also really deliver when it comes  to advanced skin treatments and essential beauty services.

Here are the brands we use and love at Bronzalicious:

Spraytoniqs, O-Cosmedics, Intraceuticals, Société Clinical Skincare, Aspect Skincare, Colourscience Makeup, Christian Brows, Salus Skin & Body.

Melanie CorlisFounder of Bronzalicious and Marketing Manager
DeborahFront of House Manager
MelindaTanning Director
MartineAdvanced Skin & Beauty Therapist
SharonAdvanced Beauty Therapist
PoppyTanning & Beauty Therapist
KateTanning & Beauty Therapist
PaulaBeauty & Tanning Therapist