Bronzalicious Spray Tans and Spraytoniqs

Pre & Post Tanning Tips

Skin Patch tests are free of charge and highly recommended for allergic or very sensitive skin types.


Shower and exfoliate skin prior to spray tanning session - please refrain from using moisturising soaps & washes like Dove or anything that containes oils or goats milk in the ingredients. This also applies to exfoliators, FRANK body, coffee scrubs, essential oil scrubs are all a No-No before fake tanning, please check the ingredients. For best results book in for our recommended professional exfoliation treatment(s).

Do not apply moistuiser or deodorant prior to the tanning treatment as it will interfere with the absorption of the tanning solution into the skin. Be sure to conduct hair removal procedures prior to tan application

For after the tan treatment, please wear dark clothing, preferably loose clothing, leaving a bra off for an hour after your treatment is advisable. If it is raining or looks like it could, please bring clothing that covers up and protects your skin, as well as an umbrella and closed in shoes. As you can't get wet after a spray tan.

Bronzalicious supplies disposable underwear and hair caps and feet protectors for men & women.


Depending on the tan chosen, the wash off time will vary from 2hrs- 8hrs. Please ensure you are familiar with the tan chosen for you and the wash off times recommended. Do not exercise excessively or participate in activities causing heavy perspiring for at least 6-8 hours after the spray tanning process, even if you have opted for a 2hr wash & wear tan. Avoid activities which naturally exfoliate the skin such as long baths and chlorine pools if you want your tan to last the distance, if you are going to be exposed to swimming (ie holidays) we recommend purchasing a tan extender which will help the longevity of your tan if you apply daily. Moisturise your skin regularly, for longer lasting results use our professional tan extender 'Long Live the Tan'.

NB: Wash off after the first shower is normal. This is simply the excess bronzer.

Introducing the world's most Luxe spray tan application and solution!

We’re Different. Here’s Why!

Melanie saw many flaws in the current market models available, with key issues being: mess, reliability, wastage, cleanliness, safety, hygiene and precision application. 
Her development of the pantent-pending Spraytoniqs gun plus the all-inclusive spray booth has dealt with all of these issues. She then tackled the complicated task of creating a formula that could address different skin concerns, in addition to achieving the perfect depth and tone. Spraytoniqs is more than just the Rolls Royce of Spray Tans. It is a forward thinking, revolutionary product with the most detailed of OH&S considerations. It delivers a flawless, even, believable tan that lasts - EVERY TIME. View our treatment menu for all tan application and prices.

The Spray gun

The Spraytoniqs™ gun is unique and innovative. Designed by engineers to use compressed air not turbine for flawless airbrushing in minimum time. Its patented tan delivery system means the solutions stay fresh, active and never is wasted. PLUS, its ergonomically designed body is sleek, easy to use and therapist friendly.

The Booth

The booth is a sophisticated, modern design with a 2 stage powerful filtration. This ensures a clean and safe air environment for staff, clients and your salon. It has a no tool assembly, easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. It contains Inbuilt dryers and fluorescent lighting for no shadows and is Australian made and proudly owned.

The Tan

Spraytoniqs offers 9 different grades of shades to provide you with the most natural-looking tan to perfectly match your skin! That’s 54 be-spoke tan combinations with the revolutionary Spraytoniqs system. Revolutionary solutions address individual skin type and skin tone combinations to ensure the perfect tan every time. The Spraytoniqs tanning formulations contain no Parabens, no mineral or palm oil and no microbeads. They do contain Eco cert DHA Erythrulose, which creates a more natural brown tan that lasts longer. Spraytoniqs is cruelty free - NEVER EVER tested on animals.

The Skin Selector App

An innovative Spray Tan Selector App asks a series of questions based on client skin tone, skin type, tanning history and desired tan colour.  The result is a completely customised tan solution. The final result chosen, is based on individualised answers regarding skin.This enables anyone of our Spraytoniqs ambassador salons to achieve the same beautiful, flawless tan you had before! Again and again and again - North, South, East and West! amber