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Lash & Brows

Brow Overhaul [30mins]


Overhaul includes: wax+tweeze+shape+tint (if required)+ signature eye mask to rejuvenate fatigued eyes. 

Lash Lift [60mins]


Treatment includes: Lash tint + tint + signature eye mask to rejuvenate fatigued eyes

Lash Tint [15mins] 


Includes lash tint + signature eye mask to rejuvenate fatigued eyes


Your safety and comfort is our highest priority. All waxing services are performed by highly skilled professionals. We love and use a titanium wax (hot & strip) which is anti-inflammatory and gentle on even the most sensitive of skins.

Therapists wear masks and single use-gloves during the treatments. Only disposable items are used during the treatments. No double-dipping ever, single-use cartridges for body waxing, pre and post care creams and clean sterile rooms & treatment beds. 

We now allow ad additional 15mins in-between clients for increased sanitation of rooms and to ensure adequate social distancing in reception areas.

Bikini/g-string $55
Brazilian (strip or all-off) $75
1/2 Leg $45
Full Leg $55
1/2 Arm $45
Full Arm $55
Face Wax [sides/lip/chin] $60
Lip $20
Chin $20
Sides of face $30
Brows [see lash & brow menu]
Back & Shoulder $60
Chest $60
Full Leg $70
Full Arm $70